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Desandra Corvin

Death Dealer

12 August
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I'll be working on my bio. Desandra is a vampire from the Underworld canon. She is also a Death Dealer.

1- Desandra was a cop with LAPD.
2- She is a cousin of Michael Corvin, but hasn't seen him since a wedding of another cousin years ago. She lost track of him when he went to Hungary. She doesn't know what happened to him.
3- The Elder Amelia finding another Corvin in LA, decides to embrace Desandra to make sure another hybrid abomination like Michael can't happen again.
4- Desandra is told that by becoming a vampire she can protect more people. It's much easier to protect the innocent from monsters if you are one of them.
5- She hasn't been a vampire long, but thinks of LA as her city to protect.

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